Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fortune Hunting, 1892

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I have disappeared down a fun deep research shiny hole.  Lookie what I found published in the Arkansas City Daily Traveler, Arkansas City, Kansas, on 25 Oct 1892, Tue, Page 8.

"Aaron Lashbrook is hunting a fortune in England. He claims he is one of the heroes of the Houghton estate, which is supposed to exist there."

I have been doing research for about 24 years, give or take.  I have researched the Lashbrook clan from 12 pages to well over 850, maybe more, I am quite fearful of looking at the total pages these days.   This is the first I have heard of this little tidbit.

Note, Aaron was born between 1819 (if you believe dates found in publications, I do not) and 1827 (if you believe baptismal records from cheery ole England, I do).  So, at the time of this news bit, he was about 65 years of age.  His wife Amanda was a "Houghton".

I have written about Aaron and Amanda at least once here on Reflections.

Amanda's ancestry remains pretty much a mystery.  Of course, now, I am curious - -

Rats, another shiny research hole I can fall into - - -


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