Friday, June 12, 2015

A Scientific Fistic Encounter

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From the Weekly Republican-Traveler,  Arkansas City, Kansas, published on 14 April 1898, page 2:

“Dr. Lashbrook and Geo Wilson got loaded with "white mule" yesterday afternoon and had a scientific fistic encounter.  The doctor said that Wilson made the assertion that he was a little the best man in Arkansas City and the manner in which he said it kind of riled him.  In fact it made him warm under the collar.  He regarded it as an insult to his manhood.  He gave the subject careful thought and finally concluded to resent the aspersion. He claims that he knew George was pretty scientific, but, he weighed the matter well in his mind and reasoned that he was stouter and that it was about a stand off.  Anyway, the got into a fight and the way they scratched each other faces brought blood in profusion.  The fight was short, time being called by Marshal Callahan, leaving the question of who was the best man unsettled.  Policeman Mantor locked them up in the city jail so the could think over the error of their way.  In police court this morning they got the usual fine and costs.”

*Image courtesy of The Project Gutenburg, EBook of The Confessions of a Poacher, by Anonymous

** I will confess that I had to Uncle Google "fistic"  (of or relating to boxing or to fighting with the fists) and that some of the verbiage of this article had me shaking my head in confusion.  Really??  "that he was a little the best man".  Trouble with the typeset or an apprentice?


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