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A Horse Story of a Different Kind

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From the Arkansas City Daily Traveler,  Arkansas City, Kansas ,  published on  22 September 1899, Page 8:


Causes Trouble Galore in the Third Ward.
A Tug of War on the Side"

"Susie Kyer, a woman living in the Third ward, had Oscar Lashbrook arrested this morning, charged with assault.  It seems that Oscar is the owner of a horse which managed to get loose and wander into the woman's garden.  She caught the animal and Lashbrook went after it.  She refused to allow him to take it until he had paid 50 cents for her trouble.  This he refused to do and the fuss began.  Both people had hold of the rope and were having a tug of war, neither, having the advantage.  Finally a brilliant idea struck Lashbrook.  He took the end of the rope and struck the horse, making the animal jump.  The horse started to run and the woman still held to the rope.  Lashbrook administered a few more blows with the end of the rope and the horse moved faster and faster until Gentry wasn't in it.  Mrs. Kyer decided she was like Patchen, too slow, so she let the rope, horse and all go.  Lashbrook chased the horse around the Third ward until he finally caught him.  The woman meanwhile came up town and swore out a warrant for the arrest of Lashbrook.  The case will be tried before Judge Knowlton next Monday."

*And, the newspaper articles continue to provide a glimpse into our families' history as well as providing a smile now and then.

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