Saturday, January 31, 2015

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Simpson Reef, near Coos Bay Oregon

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From June 7, 2013, Oregon.  We are NOT in Oregon today.  

A few posts back I shared our first visit to Simpson Reef, a bit foggy. remember??

Two days later, Man and I made a repeat trip out to this area, the sun was shining, oh, was it shining! Picture postcard perfect shining.  (Note:  Most of these photos have only been re-sized for posting to the blog.  I'll tell you when I did more.  Yes, picture perfect!)

Let's put Sony Too to work:


Yes, elephant seals, lots of em, oblivious to all of the humans and the cameras snapping their photos.  

The next two photos are from Sony Too with assistance of the photo editing program,  a bit of sharpness and contrast added.

Just love how these two are so relaxed, one totally on it's back, balancing on rocks.  

Telling the world of all your issues, elephant seal style.  Magnificent, isn't it?

Yes, I took many more photos of the seals, which I know you will thank me for NOT sharing.  So, finally I turned to look south, glorious, and no photo-shopping here either, this is how Sony Too saw the view and how I remember it - - gorgeous - - breath taking.  

Next we will visit the Shore Acres Gardens which are nearby.  Oh, my!!  Previewing the photos, that might have to be two posts, one for flora and one for coast line.


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