Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Near Quartzsite Arizona, Hunting for Crystals, Or In Our Case - - Rocks :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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One of the new experiences we had while we were parked with the Montana Owners Club at Quartzsite was a guided day trip to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge for a bit of rock hounding, aka, hunting for crystals.  In an area south of Quartzsite hunting of rocks and crystals is allowed, with strict limitations on how much stone you are allowed to remove.  I believe it was 10 rocks OR 10 pounds.

We had a caravan, in we drove.  Of course, it was a "gravel" road.  Errr, dirt, dusty road.

That is the sun, interesting things happen to the sun out here.

We arrived at the "site".  You either climb or walk the wash.

The wash looking the other way, quite wide:

There were a number of experienced "hunters" in our group, including at least 2 geologists.  In just a flash they were all off scampering up the hills, searching.  There is one little "rule" here - - NO hammers or shovels.  What you find you must be able to see on the surface.  You are allowed to dig around with your hands (gloves HIGHLY recommended) or kick the loose gravel away with your foot, just a little now, more of a shuffle the gravel around technique.

Man took to the "lay down in the warm gravel and flick away gravel" technique.  He actually found three tiny, I mean, specs, pieces that we believe are crystals.  (No, we were not seriously hunting, we were along for the fun, the comradeship and the experience.)

Here is a photo of some of the stones we collected that day (not the crystals tho).  The two large stones I actually purchased in Quartzsite several days before our little excursion.  The one that looks like a fern and the one that looks like mushrooms were purchased. Someone gave me the piece in the upper left corner, believe she said it may have turquoise in it.

The teddy bear cholla along the road to and from the "crystal bearing" wash were rather interesting.  So many had "babies" laying on the ground.

Thanks to the organizers of this enjoyable afternoon in the desert.  Our take was small, but, our enjoyment was large.



Jan Mains said...

Next year I hope to be able to get my hiking boots on and do that.

Carol said...

We hope and pray the same for you Jan. Rest, recoop and good luck!