Wednesday, January 28, 2015

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum, Port Orford Oregon

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Still June 3, 2013.  Note that year.  13!  We are NOT in Oregon today.

After stopping at the Battle Rock Park, we wandered over to the Port Orford Lifeboat Station Museum

We toured the museum, no photos were taken.  Then, we had a look at this 36-foot self-righting motor lifeboat, which is stored in covered area. That web site has photos of the lifeboat from the sides.  I thought this was an interesting shot, so I chose it instead of the normal side view (which I also have).

There is a lovely walk around the grounds, which we took, of course.  I do love the trees and the ferns growing in the arms of the large trees.

And, look at the size of the ferns, thus my continued reaction that this was Jurassic Park.

The cove in this photo served as the "docks" for the lifeboats.  You can see how it is rather protected.

Pretty, just too pretty for words!

I see you little bug! 

I am not sure what this little beauty is.

After our leisurely visit to the lifeboat station museum and grounds we turned back south, back towards Tana and camp.  This was taken at a Humbug Mountain State Park pulloff.

Purple, need I say more??

As we came close to camp, a bit of wildlife.

Back at camp, we notice this measuring stick marking previous flood levels.  The top reads, Jan 9, 1997, 38 foot 10 inches.  The lowest measurement is a 9, as in 29 foot.  Believe that means 29 foot above flood level. No matter, you can see where the water level is this fine day.  29 foot of water to the bottom of the measuring stick is a LOT of flooding and water.  No mater how you describe it!

But, it is a pretty day, and no chance of floods today, so we wander down to the docks, enjoying the view.

It was a interesting day, we saw so much beauty, the day ended our stay here, the next day we would once again wander northward.  Slowly, enjoying every moment.


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