Saturday, January 10, 2015

NOT Lost in Arizona, Having a Great Time, Much to Share, Sometime :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Man and I have been busy, busy, and BUSY!  We are visiting with friends, sightseeing, visiting with friends, sightseeing.  When we finish, we start again.

Today, with two MOC couples we visited Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  I don't know how many photos I took.  I'l find out, when I have the time to download them to the computer.

I took this one with the iPhone, tis a teaser photo:

Tomorrow we head to Brenda Arizona for one night, and then, into the MOC Circling of the Montanas gathering at Quartzsite.  You can read about arriving at the MOC circle two years ago.

There are at present, 4 rigs leaving from Brenda, caravan style.  If they are lucky, I'll take em for a U-turn or two. (You can read about the prior 4 rig U-turn here.)

Rally on - - - 

*Seriously, I hope NO U-Turns are involved in the next two days of travel.  Not sure my nerves can handle another multi-unit U-Turn.


Jan Mains said...

Say "hello" to everyone. I really feel awful that we can't make it.

Carol said...

Going to miss you Jan!