Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday, Nope, NOT Going in There

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Recently while out cemetery stomping with my co-partner in crime (yes, that is a poor attempt at humor), I decided to try and snag a few photo requests for Find A Grave for the cemeteries we would be visiting.  I found requests for 1 of the 3 cemeteries on our agenda and requests for another in that particular township, which was along my route.

Some of the stones were easy to find and photograph.  One in particular was very worn, a death from 1860, we could just barely make out her given name. The stone was for a young girl, and ironically it is one that has helped me on another cemetery situation, who knew?  Well, surely not I, till I got home.

One of the requests was for a stone for a Joseph Decker, and this is the general area where I believe he was laid to rest:

See that stone buried in this bush, which by the way was a HUGE bush!  A bush that is 10 foot tall and 15 to 20 foot wide is HUGE, right?  I took the same photo and I selectively highlighted the area around the stone digitally, and it is still pretty hard to see.

So, I cropped the portion of the photo with just the stone.  You can see the stone is resting right up against the trunk of that LARGE shrub.

The stone was about 6 to 8 feet under the canopy of the shrub, I would have had to almost crawl in there.  I had no walking stick to push away the foliage.  It has been hot, heavens only knows how many critters were hiding in there trying to get cooled off.

I found these stones on the other side of the HUGE bush, we can read the surname on one, Baker:

I did not see any poison ivy in this batch of greenery.  I thought I spied several other stones in between the first and these two.  They were small like these.

Nope, NOT going in there.



Lori E said...

My curiosity would have gotten the better of me but my fear of snakes would have made me crazy. I would be the weirdo going into the bush and running back out screaming and then trying to go in again.

Barbara Poole said...

I would not have ventured into this cemetery either. However, perhaps in the winter, when all green is dead, and all snakes, bugs, etc. are elsewhere.