Sunday, July 29, 2012

120th Carnival of Genealogy :: Business and Commerce :: Donald E Bowen the Entrepreneur

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Jasia of Creative Gene is once again sponsoring the Carnival of Genealogy, the 120th! This month's them is Business and Commerce, the challenge is:

Did someone in your family own a small business? Was there a favorite clothing store, ice cream shop, shoe store, restaurant, gas station, etc. that your family frequented? Did you operate a lemonade stand when you were a child? This time around we are going to be researching small businesses and recording family memories of such.

I have decided to use this month's Carnival to put the spotlight on one of my father's entrepreneurial escapades.  He owned several business over his lifetime, he even dabbled a bit in real estate.  One of his dabbles resulted in a woodworking company he called, Carolina Woodworks Company.  He called his company a producer of "Heirloom Wood Desirables".  Now, he did not personally make any of these delightful little pieces, he had a very talented man hired for that.  I do remember he loved the equipment, the process, the smell of the wood.

So, without further ado, these are most of the pieces that I have found tucked in around my home, the inventory, as it were:

Paper Towel Holder

Left and below:  A child's toy, the game is to get the teddy to climb from the bottom to the top by pulling on the strings on each side.

Hanging candle stick holders
Baby pull toy, every child needs a green frog!
Wooden pill boxes, or trinket holders with painted lids.
The race car drivers.
The rest of the fleet of vehicles.
Train and camping trailer.
Family of ducks. VERY yellow ducks!
Gotta have a lot of whales, just cause.
The Angel
I value these delightful wooden pieces, toys and decorative items my father's little business produced.  Yes, to me they are heirlooms and desirable, just like my father, the entrepreneur, said.



Anonymous said...

These are fabulous items to have, Carol. I especially like the hanging teddy game, the racing drivers and the angel! Jo

Kristin said...

This made me remember my own doll making business, which I had successfully repressed. My kids had a little wooden car like one of those shown.

Kathy Reed said...

These are wonderful treasures. It's obvious that your father was quite talented. I love his whimsical take on things.

Barbara Poole said...

I bet your dad would be quit touched to learn that you kept these items from his shop. And, the grandchildren must love playing with them, that is, if you let them. Nice bit of your family history.

Michelle Goodrum said...

You've got some real gems there. The ducks are adorable and I love the whales.

Joan said...

Lucky gal to have all of these wonderful mementos of a time past -- a time that a father's business showed entrepreneurial talent as well as a sense of whimsey and fun.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

My fav is that bright green froggy! Somehow, the name of that company sounds real familiar. Did they do any furniture? Seems like my parents bought a piece of furniture from a similarly named company.

Carol said...

Thank you all for your kind comments, and to Lisa, as best I remember my dad did not do furniture. By the way, the business was in Charleston South Carolina.

Jasia said...

Another great article, Carol! I'm glad you mentioned that the business was located in South Carolina in your comment because I was going to ask how your dad came up with the name for his company. I love seeing all your treasures. Thanks for sharing your story in the COG. I'm sure your dad would be honored to be so fondly and proudly remembered!

Nancy said...

I don't especially love frogs but I suspect he's one of the most fun to play with (along with the climbing bear). I'm imagining the frog's back moving up and down as his back legs move along. Your father is no doubt pleased to know you've kept all these things. Treasures for sure.

Mel said...

Carol, how lucky you are to have these items!