Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time to Spoil the Grandtwins, Day 1

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We are spending some quality time with the grandtwins this week, laughing, hugging, sharing meals, watching the Olympics and staying up much too late and loving every minute of it.

During the days we try to do something different each day, adding in a bit of geocaching along the way.

Over the weekend we took them to a Equestrian Eventing and Boarding Facility that was having a free show.  We were able to see jumping ring work and cross country riding that included jumps as well.

Yes, I took a few photos (the challenge and we had never been to a horse show.)

We did not see the more advanced students and horses.  This rider is convincing her horse to proceed through the water hazard, the grandtwins, who are taking riding lessons, told us the horses don't like the water hazards much.

Jumping, cross country riding:

Jumping in the ring:

And, this is what it looks like when the horse refuses to jump:

Several of the horses bolted at the sight of this jump, not sure why.  We saw 2 riders get thrown off at this  jump, they were not hurt, but, they were disqualified.

I know next to nothing about horse shows, but, found the experience interesting, the girls enjoyed the day quite a bit.

Man and I enjoyed our country ride (taking a lot of back roads) to and from the show.  The girls enjoyed seeing the horse shows, we all learned something.  WIN WIN WIN!

We spent the evening glue to the telie and the Olympics.


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Anonymous said...

Great photos - they bring back memories of the day my pony refused a jump, skidded to a halt and put his head down. I went through it. Thankfully children bounce quite well :-) Enjoy the Olympics!