Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Tip :: If There are TWO Links, Click Em Both

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If there are two links on a family history web site, both for the same people, same event, same day, same place,


First click:

Second click:

Second click gives ages, places of birth, current addresses and fact that the bride is a divorcee.  Also has what appear to be the bride and groom's signatures.  There is occupation information too, not sure what his is, something else to work on in my spare time!  LOL

Yepper:  CLICK EM BOTH!!

* Images courtesy of FamilySearch.org

** By the way, if there are MORE than two links, click on ALL of them!


Randy Seaver said...

Looks like "P.O. Emp." to me. Post Office employee?

Karen said...

Good piece of advice! :)