Friday, June 22, 2012

Geo-Caching, With the Grand Twins, Day Three

Copyright 2012, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

So, where we were, oh, yes, we were somewhere in SE Michigan with HOT HOT HOT weather.  We did not leave the house until later in the afternoon, and then, we only went to the State Park near by.  I had read and studied the caches over there, and in my mind we had little business trying to find them, the party that hid them and wrote them up must be a survivalist.  Geessh.  On one there were notes that you would most likely have to walk the plank, err, logs, to get to the cache.  Another, it became very obvious very quickly that you best have a kayak, or be prepared to trudge through some serious water.  I tried to talk Man out of even trying for a cache at the park, but, he thought he found one that he thought sounded obtainable.  So, we parked by this very pretty little fishing lake (boats allowed, not sure motors are), and we went searching.

We ended up in a very heavily wooded area (no, I did not take any photos), the GPS said we were right on, not even 3 foot away.  That GPS said ZERO foot away. There was no cache to be seen.  We were also tromping around in poison ivy, the mom and gramma in me groaned.  Man got a dead limb/stick off the ground and used it to prod and lift foliage and look, he looked about 6 to 10 foot in any direction from the 0 mark.


The girls got discouraged, we were getting hot and sticky.  Time to high tail it out of there.  Back at Jolly we used drinking water and water less hand cleaner and more water to rinse off our legs where we thought maybe that ole poison ivy had rubbed up on our legs, cause, mmmm, ya, we were all wearing SHORTS!

Next: off to the beach, where the girls swam for some time, maybe 2 hours, they got some exercise, and we sat on the beach where it was not too hot for the first time in a couple of days, it always is cooler at the beach!  AHHHHHHH.

After their nice long swim we headed back to the house, had salads for dinner, showers and before we knew it, it was the end of the day.

The next morning, we had breakfast, Man and the girls played Clue, then lunch, and then the parents came to pick the ladies up and they were off and our house was quiet once more.

We have plans to have them come at least once more this summer, maybe twice. We are praying for cooler weather, I have several caches lines up that will be terrific and doable, and I found several that were written and placed by the fellow that did that first one, the cemetery one, that the twins loved.

We will live to cache again, and, oh, so far, no poison ivy itching by any of us!




PalmsRV said...

I'm more afraid of poison ivy than I am of snakes and gators! Hope no outbreaks for your family.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Thanks for taking us along on your adventures with the grandtwins. It was fun!