Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GPS And The Old Leaky Memories.

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Ah, the minds of ole folks.

Weeks ago, Man purchases new GPS to play geo-caching. It comes of course, with cords!  GROAN

I mark said cords, with abbreviations, cause, they are small and I don't have a lot of room to write on.

Hand all back to Man, who puts stuff - - places.

Cut to about 10 days ago, he hands me a cord, marked, HHGPS, and asks, where did this come from and what does it go to?

Like I am gonna remember the abbreviation??  The GPS makes sense, we have several of those.  The HH makes NO SENSE.

I hand it from a cupboard door and look at it several times a day, shaking my head, not remembering - -

This AM, he wants to download stuff to the new HAND HELD GPS, but, cannot find the cord.

DUH, how bout that cord you gave me 10 days ago, I suggest to Man.

Yepper, he is happy.

I still cannot remember what HH stands for, but, am fussing with my own issues, so, it rolls off my active thought processes.

Man fusses with the GPS and the Geocaching web site, gets directions for GPS out, finally realizes he is not signed in on the Geocaching site(yep, it is that kinda morning).

After he gets past all that, major learning curve stuff, gets some caches downloaded, etc., we figure out - -

HHGPS = Hand Held GPS.


* You can see the HHGPS, here, and no, that does not seem to be the current price.  We paid a lot less, shop that A store, if you are interested.

** Learn all about Geocaching here.


Lynne Carothers said...

Golly! I have a whole bunch of cords that I recently discovered. I braided them together and they are now part of our home decor. lol

Karen said...

Love those "light bulb moments"...