Friday, February 5, 2016

Cool Beans, I Grew Up in a Sears Roebuck House and Didn't Even Know It!

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Not all winter get aways are spent running round down the hard roads of the USA gawking at the beauty.  Man and I usually spend at least one month just sitting and resting in one spot.  Sometimes more.  Looks like this year, as two years ago, it will be three months here in the Tampa area.  So, we (I) spend time working on my family history.  This winter we got into a discussion about the house I grew up in. 

And, we have discovered it is a Sears and Roebuck mail order house.

Man discovered that web site and we have all agreed that the house was the "Walton". Now, I would just LOVE to show you the graphic of the house instead of sending you off surfing.  However, a email to the webmaster has gone unanswered, so far, and then, I discovered they charge a fee to use their images, so, off ya go.

The house had undergone some changes before we moved in around 1954ish.  My bedroom was the one in the back of the house.  The stairs to the attic (unfinished) were next to my room.  You might note, that I had to walk thru the dining room and front room to access the single bath.  I do remember that issue quite well.  My parents had the front bedroom and brother the middle bedroom.  I did like the fact that my bedroom was rather "isolated".

Not sure why, but, I thought it was very cool to realize I grew up in a mail order house, a piece of Americana history.  Just "cool beans".


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