Friday, November 28, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore': Klamath River Overlook and a Little WWII Undercover Discovery

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Please note the date of our visit in this area was over a year and a half ago, on May 24, 2013.  Yes, 2013!

Before we get started, here is a map of the area we were driving around in, just soaking up the coastline and discovering little surprises.

We had visited and hiked in the Fern Valley, time to go whale hunting, at the Klamath River Overlook.

Only we were there too late in the spring and no whales were sighted.  The view from the overlook parking lot (looking south) was spectacular tho.

Found growing on the hill side  (I believe it may be some form of a sweet pea?)

We then drove back around to the West Klamath Beach Road, and drove the circle that included Coastal Drive and Alder Camp Road.  When there were views or something interesting, we pulled off for photo taking.  This is looking north back towards the River Overlook area.

We discovered a small family cemetery here.  As far as I can determine, it is not on Find A Grave, and since I don't really know the name, I doubt I will be adding anything.  We could not gain access, I took photos from the fence with the zoom on Sony Too.  Must say, what pretty view to have from your final resting place.

Believe these were azaleas.

Down the hill, on the river side, fishing boats await:

As we drove the Coastal Road, we discovered this building, and then signage, it was the Radar Station B-71. Here is a short Wikipedia article, fascinating stuff.

The last photo of the day,  looking south along the coast, a bit of sea mist, and a lot of AHHHH.

We are not finished with the Trinidad area tho, another day of beach hugging and scenic driving await.


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