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Old German FBI Files, 1918

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During a "chasing shiny stuff" research binge not long ago, I wandered into the Old German FBI Files at Fold3, described on the web site as:  

Publication Title: Investigative Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation 1908-1922
Publisher: NARA
Short Description: NARA M1085. Before it was called the FBI, the Bureau of Investigation investigated real and perceived threats to the nation and its citizens.
Collection Title: Investigative Reports of the Bureau of Investigation 1908-1922
Series: Old German Files, 1909-21

Being the curious type, I did read a few of the files.  I found the following file particularly interesting, as far as I know, this Darden is not related.  Yes, more research is indicated.

Report made by :  A Herman Hudgins
Place where made:  Norfolk, Va.
Date when made:  May 4, 1918
In re:  Robert Darden, alleged wireless operator

At Norfolk, Virginia.
In compliance with telephone request received at this office from the Collector of Customs Office, I proceeded there where I interviewed Deputy Vipond, who stated that he had received a report from a Mrs. Brockman, 1620 Brown Ave. that the above party was operating a wireless instrument in his home between Bramleton and Clay Avenues.

I then proceeded to Mrs. Brockman's residence where I interviewed her relative to the above.  She stated that while passing Darden's house las Sunday, he was sitting at his front window operating a wirelesss keyboard.  After receiving Darden's address from her, which is 1919 Hamlin Avenue, I immediately proceeded there, where I interviewed Mrs. Darden, who stated that her husband was a messenger boy for the Postal Telegraph Company and was studying to become a telegrapher.  He has a keyboard with two dry batteries connected up on a small table which he is practicing on.

Investigation discontinued.


Curious about a wireless keyboard, a few searches were made, one search landed me at Wikipedia article on telgraphy.  Oh, my, if this is the same thing, it leads right to computers and email.  LOL

I have a feeling this is not the last of this particular research.


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