Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Numbers of a Get-Away, 3, 50, 70, 380, 11 :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Yesterday we rolled forward with Jolly and Tana, hopefully to points west.

It took 3 days to packemup and winterize the house.  We took a few hours on day 1 and day 2 to do errands and have a lunch with Son # 1 and his wife.  Day 3 was long and exhausting.  We moved into Tana, lock, stock and barrel and spent the night.

I slept about 50 % of the night.  Ya, don't cha just hate that.  Exhausted and still cannot sleep.

Yesterday we rose before the sun was up, see, there is still a moon.

And, yes, I saw the sunrise, pretty color.  Don't cha just love the "pig", aka, propane storage tank?

We finished up locking the house, put Tana's slides in, did our pull test, and down the drive we rolled.  I was so tired I thought this said 7:11, but, I guess the crappy iPhone photo does not lie, it was 7:21.

We were off.  Due to the early hour, we almost got to harvest some venison.  3 deer ran across the highways.  

About 1.5 hours later, the first coffee of the day.  I sure slugged this down.

When asked, when are you leaving, where are you going? I usually respond, when the time is right. I will know when the time comes and when I see Indianapolis in my rear view mirrors where we are going.  This rather sorry photo represents, when : yesterday.  Where, well, heading west on I-70 at this point. Tana in the side view mirror and the Indianapolis airport off to our right.

I totally missed the Indiana state sign, but, I did manage the Illinois line:

At a rest area just inside Illinois, we find:

"Hiram B. Trout and his brother, Everett Trout, were born on a farm about five miles north of this location. They operated a machine shop in Shelbyville, Illinois in the late 1800’s at which in time they invented and patented the unique design for this Pony Truss bridge. They built about 150 of these bridges between 1892 and 1897 which were erected in Shelby and neighboring counties. The design feature which makes this bridge unique is the use of round pipe in the top chords, end posts, and verticals instead of the usual rivet connected channel plates, and angle iron material. This bridge was erected on a township road near the small community of Fancher in Shelby County. It was in service for 88 years from 1895 until 1983 when it was reduced in width from 16 to 8 feet and moved 70 miles to this location for preservation by the Illinois Department of Transportation."

Isn't it charming?

We drove close to 380 miles.  Yes, we are tired.  No, we are not moving today, the weather is damp and would be along our intended route, so, we are resting.

Man discovered that all diesel is 11 % bio-diesel around here, Dodge warranties state max of 5% bio is allowed.  So, we either never drive Jolly again, or we fill up, go down the road and pray one tank will not gum up the works.

There ya go, the numbers of a get-away, 3, 50, 70, 380 and 11.

Tomorrow's numbers should involve 57 and 55.

Happy Veterans Day to all our vets.  Honor them, they earned it!  Thank them, they MORE than earned our thanks.


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