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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Redwood National & State Parks, Fern Canyon

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May 24, 2013, yes, well over a year ago.  Man, HoboBob, Mina and I took a wonderful day trip that included the Redwood National and State Parks area in northern California.

Believe this is Humboldt Lagoons area.

Our first stop was the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center.  We wandered around out on the Pacific Ocean side of the center:

We then stopped to view Elk at Elk Meadow, their photos are over at Reflections Flora and Fauna.  Next we headed to Gold Bluffs Beach, which is part of the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, with Fern Canyon as our ultimate goal.  Most of the road in is a dirt road, it had rough patches.  It also had great views.

Jolly had to cross a stream.

We start down the short hiking path to Fern Canyon.  Yep, a bit muddy.  Did not slow us down.  

Mina is so short she barely had to duck.  But, look at the size of those ferns!

This was easy to cross.  No wet feet here.

The required panoramic shot!

Yes, Jurassic Park, even the Fern Canyon Wikipedia page says so!  OK, I was a bit surprised when I did the research.  The sheer walls are 39 to 43 feet, covered with ferns!

The official page from the California park service, talks about the hikes and more.

Besides the Salmon Berry we saw (over at Flora and Fauna), there were fungi growing on a tree covered with moss and of course, a fly, doing whatever flies do.

Another type of fungi, growing on the end of a downed tree.  The tree is totally covered in soft moss.

We also saw these fabulous lichen, to me they somewhat resemble maple leaves.

Our day was not over, we visited Klamath River Outlook and - - -

(Hopefully I can show you before another month slips by.)


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