Monday, October 6, 2014

National German-American Day

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Today is National German-American Day, 2014.  

German-American day, celebrates, in part, German American heritage.  There is a short article about it on Wikipedia.

Man and I both have German heritage.  My lines include, but are not limited to, Halterman, Holsinger, Kessler, Lehman, Argobright (Ergebright).  Man's line include two strong German lines of Gerth and Ruthig, both of which spent a number of years in Canada before actually coming into the thumb area of Michigan.

Man also has the "Gehrke" blood, via his mother, grandfather and great-grandparents.  The clan left Germany in 1888 aboard the J.C. Pfluger bound from Bremerhafen to Honolulu. They lived on the island of Kauai until around 1904 when they moved on to the Oakland California area.  After living through the 1906 San Francisco earthquake the clan moved to Huron County Michigan, one son by 1909, the rest were found on church records in Huron County by the end of 1911.

The patriarch of the Gehrke clan was Karl/Carl/Charles Herman Gehrke.  The matriarch was Charlotte Louise Gruendemann-Grunbaum Gehrke (the story of her maiden name is long and convoluted and no, I am NOT sure it is Gruendemann-Grunbaum.)

Carl about 1910:

Charlotte about 1910:


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