Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tis the season - -

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I’ll fess up, I have had a rough time writing my annual holiday letter this year.  2016 has been full of ups and downs. It was full of losses and happy days.

A summer wedding of nephew.  Lovely, beautiful people and family.  Beautiful setting. May they continue to radiate the true meaning of love and happiness.

We helped orchestrate the sale of a family home.  Lots of decisions had to be made in a timely manner.  But, it allowed me the fabulous opportunities to visit the home where my grandmother grew up, and several cemeteries I had been hunting for.  It was the right time to visit those cemeteries, kismet abounded.

Man and I are gaining in years, and thus, we are facing more health issues.  Happens. My own, the Demon diabetes, is a buggar, and I have now added shots to the mix of drugs that attempt to keep it in control.  It is a constant battle.

One of the issues that has been stressful was the bullying and stalking (perceived or otherwise) I experienced over the last year or so.  Sadly, I have said good bye to many peeps with whom I had friendships and acquaintances. In the end it was a good decision/act on my part, as it freed me up from much stress.  It was something I had to do for ME.  So, I did!  I am using the “free” time and less stressful life to concentrate more on research and hopefully will get back to posting here on Reflections more often. I have so many travel photos/stories I would love to review and share, over 3 years worth!  YIKES!

We are still Rving whenever possible.  This summer, in a 6 week blitz, designed to keep us off the internet grid, we made a bucket list trip to Nova Scotia.  Man’s grandmother was born there and we had long wanted to visit.  The research did not tell us why she cannot be found in any records from Canada or the USA from 1901 till 1918, but, we enjoyed the time away. Nova Scotia is wonderful, like Maine, but, on steroids! This is the view from Tana's desk at one of our stops.  It's a miracle we came home.  

This winter we will be spending our time in Arizona, or that is the plan.  You know us, we drift with the wind, dust and sea mist.  No sea mist here, but, we have wind and dust.  And beautiful desert, mountains, and saguaro and the SUNSETS!!!  

We have continued to enjoy Winston, AKA, Sir Winston, the sweet and sassy yorkie.  He is quite the character and has his own “page” at Facebook, “Winston’s Wonderful Wanderings”.

We end the year thinking of the many dear friends and family that are also facing health issues.  You know what they say - - Getting old taint for sissies - - Isn’t that the truth??

To all of our friends that celebrate during this season, Christmas or another holiday, we wish you all the same, a holiday full of family, fond memories and great food, celebrating your reasons, your beliefs.



Barbara Poole said...

Carol, I'm not doing too much blog reading these days, but, I'm sure glad I saw this one. It's always fun to read a Christmas letter, and how well I remember several years ago, you proofed one of mine. (Haven't written once since then.) It was nice to see your pictures from all over.
Have the Merriest Christmas in AZ and the ring into 2017 will bring you, Al, us and everybody a very healthy New Year.

Carol said...

Thank you Barbara, Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.