Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Holiday Story, Of A Different Sort

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If you have diabetes or know someone that does, you know that part of the challenge is the highs and lows. For me, the lows are more physically challenging, I shake, and feel like crap.

I will say, the new regiment of shots and pills, and such, I don't have nearly the issue with lows that I did before. It's been pretty good.

BUT, now and then - - WAM!!

Today, I had a wam! I tanked. And, it was fast. Which is of course, a nasty part of the equation.

I ended up walking into a coffee shop (not naming on purpose, the name would add nothing to the story or discussion).

I said to the young man/clerk, "I am tanking, what might you have that is sweet?"

He took one look at me and said,"hold on". He came back with some yummy to the tummy desert, and said, "I paid for this myself, see if it helps."

I said, "I have money", he said, "nope, just feel better".

I ate, I felt better.

Just so happened I saw him about 30 minutes later as he was taking the trash out. He yelled over, "was it good??" I said, "it was!"

I proceeded to thank him again and gave him a big ole hug!

Then, he tells me, "my parents are both diabetic, I knew what you needed and how fast."

I'll tell you, those parents raised a special young man.

Gave me a huge hunk o 'holiday' spirit, let me tell you.

Happy Holidays to all.


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