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OH, Richard. I just know this is you even tho proof eludes - -

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While cleaning email accounts the other night, I ended up over in a newspaper site for which I have a subscription. Of course, I typed in the surname "Lashbrook".

And, I found this very sad article, from the Des Moines Register, Des Moines, Iowa, publication date: 1 December 1903, article heading:  "Iowa 42 Years Ago".  A bit of rough quick math tells me this tragic event would have originally happened about 1861.

Because of the "researchers knowledge" I have on this clan, it did not take me long to consider that the Mr. Lashbrook in this article, even though his given name is not stated, (nor the name of the boy), is this Richard Lashbrook Jr., son of Richard Lashbrook and his wife, Ann. Here is his baptismal record.

Here is just about everything I know about Richard Lashbrook, Jr. from my data base:

Not a lot there, here is what I have in my text notes:

"Richard applied for naturalization while he lived in Clinton County, New York.  He was granted citizenship on October 4, 1842.  He signed the paper work as Richard Lashbrook Jr, with an "X" mark, which tells us he could not write.

On the 20th of December 1848, Richard Lashbrook, Junior, was the grantee of a warrantee deed from Alexander and Harriette Brand for land located in McHenry County Illinois.  He paid $80.00 for the property which contained 80 acres, the land was described as the E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 13, Township 45.

Richard is enumerated in the 1850 US census for Hartland, McHenry County, Illinois as follows: Richard, age 28, inn keeper, born England; Betsey, age 27, born NY; William, age 7, born NY; Royal, age 5, born NY; Fanny, age 3, born NY; Emily, age 2, born NY; Edgar, age 10 months, born NY.  It is indicated that Richard and Betsey both can read and write.

Richard is listed on the 1851 Town of Marengo Election list.  Said election was held November 4, 1851.  It appears they voted for a Treasurer, Surveyor, School Commissioner and "for and against the general banking law".  Thanks to the McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society for publishing this list in their April 2002 issue.

Richard appears on the 1860 US census for Marengo Village, McHenry County, Illinois as follows: Richard, age 37, day laborer, born England, cannot read or write; Betsey, age 36, born New York; Wm (William), age 17, born New York; Royal, age 15, born New York; Fanny, age 13, born Illinois; Emma, age 12, born Illinois; Edgar, age 10, born Illinois; Emigene, age 9, born Illinois, Eliza age 5, born Illinois, Carrie, age 3, born Illinois; 2 infants (twins), age 1 year, one boy and one girl, born Illinois.

Richard was not named in his father's will.  In the settlement of his mother's estate he is listed as deceased and that there were 10 living children, although the administrator could only locate 8. The children were not named.   However, when Richard's brother John died in McHenry County and his estate went through the probate process, all 10 of Richard's children were named.  One of Richard's daughter's, Emma signed an affidavit stating her father had died "about the year 1862" and named the children."

That last sentence, died about the year 1862, and then, this article from 1903, but referencing 1861??

Yes, I know, the article is Iowa and it appears that Richard was in McHenry County Illinois for years.  From my years of research, I am also aware that several of the Lashbrook clan moved together, around 1855-1860 to Bremer County Iowa.  His widow, Betsey is enumerated in 1870 in Bremer County Iowa.

I know it's you Richard, I just know it is.

* I have written about Richard before, you will note, I had a wish list,

"Discover place and date of death and burial."

This is the first crack in that wall in over 2 years.



Anna Matthews said...

It will be very interesting to see where this article leads you. Congratulations and good luck!

Carol said...

Thanks Anna. After so many years any little hint feels like I hit the mother load. LOL