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Another Adventure - - Comes in the Middle of the Night - - a RVing Story - - From the Dark Ages (2007)

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I have been spending some time lately cleaning old email. As I confessed on Facebook, it is becoming more and more obvious that I am a Email hoarder. I have email going all the way back to 2004 in one account, and 2005 in another. I know, I know.

Well, I have good reasons.
1.) I am lazy.
2.) I am too busy. (In other words, I choose NOT to deal with this stuff when I receive it)
3.) I just don't bother.
4.) Upon receipt, I know I want to keep it, but, I am too tired to decide what to do with it.

Whatever, I am attempting once again to deal with some of this mess. I figure if I deal with 100 emails I am 100 ahead, ya know??

Tonight, I found this one, dated April 7, 2007. No, I don't know why it is still hiding out in my email account, but, it is. And, so, I have decided that what I am going to do with it, is share it here, right now! Thus:

"Well, now, adventure??????????? comes to us in the middle of the night!

I woke about 4:30/5:00 AM. What woke me was this very very very loud shhhhhshhhhhhing noise.

After I stumbled around in here trying to find the source of this loud shhhhhshhhhing, I went outside to find a LAKE!! In our campsite and a stream of water rushing down the road behind us."

The water supply had sprung a leak. OUR water supply. Thinking it was our hose, I mucked over and shut off the faucet thingy. No change. Turned it the other way, thinking I turned the wrong way, (I was still not awake), and back the other way, several times.


So, I go back in and wake Man and he tells me to turn off the faucet, well DUHHH, I am not that sleepy. So, he takes the flashlight and out he goes.

HMMMM, Man comes back in several minutes later and tells me, yaaa, the supply line is busted.

So, I call the office figuring I will get a answering machine and no more sleep, cause the SHHHHSHHHHING is so loud there is no way I am going back to sleep.

Some lady answered, heeellllloooooo, you know the one with the sleepy sound!??!??!??!??! <G>

So, I tell her we are leaking, and it is running down the road. She sounds VERY awake when she asks, what site???

Bout 10 to 15 minutes later some guy shows up with a bunch of wrenches, takes off the trap to the supply area, gets soaking wet, but shuts off the water.

So, now, we have no water, cept what is on board. They promised to come back when the sun comes up (sun is up, he can come anytime) and fix it.

He said it was extremely high water pressure and it blew off some fitting.

Never a dull moment??? HA HA"

(I did note in the email that the water was repaired and turned back on, so, all turned out just fine, thank you.)

Now, dear readers, please note that now I have one less email in the hoard and one more blog post. Also, note that I have discovered that this was written from somewhere around Burleson Texas and I have ABSOLUTELY no recollection of the event. So, I guess it can be a good thing, saving all those emails, right?

I mean, we are all laughing at Carol right now, right??  Ya, I knew you were.  Tis OK.  I'm laughing at me too!!

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