Thursday, September 18, 2014

Give Me Bridges of Wood and Trees and - - Concrete??

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Back in the 1930's a local man of some means was building his home.  He hired two artisans from Mexico to build 17 unique bridges over a small running stream that cut through the property.  The artisans built him 17 different styled bridges, all from concrete, but that look as if they are wooden, trees, ropes, natural. Some local residents claim 15 bridges and 2 dams.

The structures have been refurbished, by other Mexican artisans, beginning in about 2001. They did a marvelous job, bringing the bridges back from a sorry state.

NOT logs, concrete.

Ropes, concrete.

Graceful.  Whimsical.

Believe this is the only "stone work" in the park.  Bricks overgrown by the tree.  Oh, ya, all concrete.

Possibly my favorite structure, the inside of the roof is "thatch".  This photo does NOT do justice.

The water is amazingly clear.  You can see every pebble on the bottom.

* You can read more about McCourtie Park at Roadside America.


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Malia Lane said...

Wow, that really is so cool. I noted he started this in the 1930's - same timeframe when CCC was building stuff in state parks, something I've always been interested in. I can't believe how much the logs and ropes do NOT look like concrete in the least - that's just crazy!