Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Certification, Congrats to D-I-L, Y

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Our # 1 Son has a remarkable wife.  Son # 3 does as well.  OK, buttons busting Mom has to say, that our married sons have chosen extremely well.  Man and I love both for their loving and brilliant personalities (I told you we were button busting!)

D-I-L # 1 (cause she is married to Son # 1, eh??)  Y, was honored last weekend.  She owns/runs a German school in Ann Arbor.  On Saturday the school was awarded the status of “Sprachdiplomschule” by the “Kultusministerkonferenz der Laender der Bundesrepublik Deutschland”.

Here is D-I-L Y receiving the certificate from  the Consul General of Germany in Chicago, Mr. Quelle.  Y tells us, "It is a great honor for a small school like ours to host a representative of the German government."

I had to giggle tho, when we arrived for the program, Y looked at me and said something like, "Oh, dear, you probably won't understand much of the program, as it will all be in German."  She was right, Carol did not understand ONE word.  But, Carol and Man, did not need to understand the words, we understand how hard Y has worked for this.

Congratulations Y.  We could not be more proud of you.  Love and many hugs.


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Unknown said...

Great. Give Y. our congratulations too.