Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's 4H Fair Time

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Last week was the local 4H Fair.  The grandtwins participated in their first fair.

We went one day to enjoy the activities.  The day we went was the day they were participating in the "costume" contest.  They dressed the horses and themselves.

Below is D-I-L # 1 with Twin M, and the horse she rides, Thunder.  The parents are not allowed in the stalls and can only "hold" stuff, or maybe "pin" on ID tags.  The girls had to decorate the horses, themselves.

Turned out that everyone thought they had considerable time to "decorate" and "dress", but, that the time frame was not what they thought.  This created a small panic and the grandparents were suddenly found assisting in the "holding" of paints and bags and stuff!

Below, yours truly, holding paint for Twin L and her ride, Arrow.

Twin L saddles up Arrow, she will ride into the arena.

D-I-L # 1 pinning Twin L's "number" to Arrow's saddle blanket.  L was a Ninja (I think??)

Twin M walking Thunder to the arena. M was a fairy.

M and L in the show ring.

Despite the little panic over the misunderstanding of time, the girls did great.  They got the horses decorated/costumed and their own costumes on and into the ring on time!

The grandparents (Man and I) had a great afternoon watching this all unfold and watching the girls with the horses, feeding them, handling them, Twin L had to give Arrow a bath afterwards to remove the paint, they had to clean out stalls (you know the icky stuff).  They sure seemed to be enjoying the entire fair experience.


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