Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sony Too and the Friday the 13th June 2014 Full Moon

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I had to try.

I bought a new very light weight tripod, I hope I can make it work for hiking.  The tripod weighs about 1 pound.  It is not super duper steady like the larger heavy duty tripods we own.  But, I cannot carry those monsters while hiking.  First I need a really good special backpack for that, and even tho I have looked around a bit, I have not purchased anything.  Second, dang, they are heavy.  I am weak, heavy stuff to tote around while hiking along with weak, ICK!

I am still undecided on this tripod, but, I did get this photo with the tripod, Sony Too, and holding my breath.

Photo only resized, no other editing was done.  Color and tones and such right out of the camera.

No peachy color as I have seen others, but, I did get this image of what looks like a orange??  See, down there at the bottom, just to the right of center.  Orange, I want to reach out and peal that baby!

So, there is my attempt at the full moon on Friday the 13th, June 2014.


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