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Remembering, Court House Lawn Memorial, Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan

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This monument (boulder) was originally placed on the lawn of the Lenawee County Courthouse.  This 6 foot tall boulder has been moved to Monument Park, Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan.

This memorial is a boulder bearing a bronze plate, is inscribed:

Honor Roll
Dedicated to the Memory of Lenawee County Men
Who gave their lives for Liberty and Justice in the World War.

Erected by the Grange of Lenawee County and the Adrian Chamber of Commerce.

List of Men on Bronze Plate:

Claude T. Annis
Harold Bachman
Lloyd C. Bailey
Ward B. Baughey
Oliver M. Biggs
Edward E. Biskupshi
Orvel V. Blakeley
Ross E. Bowerman
Victor Bragg
Frank H. Brieschke
Leigh L. Brown
Maurice Busch
Conrad A. Carlin
George E. Carlton
John S. Carroll
Delancy Colvin
Clell E. Coppine
Melvin Crandall (Or Nelvin)
Clyde Crise
Glenn Daykin
William H. Deshler
Charles F. Deye
Frank P. Drukee
Eugene Ewing
Ernest F. Filler.
Frances B. Ferguson
Glenn F. Fielder
Bryan Foster
Rexford Gaddy
E. LeRoy German
William E. Grieve
Herman Gross
Erle E. Hanham
Dennis F. Hanhan   
Wallace R. Harvey
Verne C. Havens
Milburn H. Hawks
William Horton
James Hurd
Emil Jacobs
Luther F. Jero
Albert M. Kidder
Benjamin C. Knisel
Kenneth LeFevre
Gustave O. Lemke
Carl C. Lenardson
Frank Lumpp
John Lumpp
Arthur A. Marks
Lawrence Marowelli
Robert Meachem
Adelbert P. Mills
Clyde Mitchell
W. J. Mosely
Lewis Murphy
Arthur N. Odell
George W. Oldfield
Paul Omans
Wilfred Orr
William Ost
John A. Pennington
Frederick E. Pieper
Carl Prielip
Earl B, Rector
Everett Reed
John Reilly
Arthur C. Richardson
Walter R. Robinson
Russell R. Rollason
Floyd H. Rose
Henry Rosenberg
Raymond R. Sebring
James A. Snyder
Victor Spangle
Walter F. Spielman
Elwood D. Stanberry
William C. Stark
Alfred G. Sudborough
Harold B. Taylor
Van R. Tolford
Lawrence M. Tubbs
Charles J. Underwood
David H. Underwood

This list of names was originally collected and edited by Harriet Cole Clark Bowen.  Vital Records Collection of the DAR of Adrian, Michigan, Lenawee County, Michigan. Vol 1.  Printed Adrian, 1933.

*This post will be included by Heather Wilkinson Rojo of Nutfield Genealogy in the 2013 Veteran's Day Honor Roll project.

**Photo taken by yours truly about 15 years ago.  It has been almost that many years since I have visited the Memorial Park in Adrian to visit.

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