Monday, November 25, 2013

Baby It's Cold Out There, An Update

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Yes indeedy, it is cold out there. Guess we did not pay close enough attention to the low temps, and thought we had this situation under control.  Guess not.  Hope there is no damage. SIGH  It was 18 this morning and the wind chill was 5.  Yep, it's cold out there.

So, it is cold, and we are still in SE Michigan at the stickbuilt.  Man's stitches came out about 6 days ago, and at that point he was only 15 % healed.  They tell us that is normal.  He was told then, no lifting and no stretching for at least another week.  He is starting to do just a little lifting now, last week he could not lift much.  This week a bit more.

Needless to say, all this sitting around healing has also had a negative result.  He has no stamina to do much.  So, he has been walking a bit every day for the last week, going a bit further each day, if possible.  He tires kinda quickly, and back in the house he comes, resting more.  It is all part of the process.

We still hope to escape for the winter, but, whew, I think winter came early, and we did not escape it!  Thank goodness for really warm winter coats!

After Thanksgiving we will look at the weather reports, and hopefully start packing Tana.  I will have to do most of the lugging of stuff out there, as he still will not be able to lift much weight.  That will add a day or more to the packing frenzy.  It is what it is.

While he has been healing I have been cleaning and organizing the upstairs office area.  I set a goal for myself earlier in the year, before we ever arrived back here at the stick built, to clean off this desk surface.  Hours of filing there.

What does not show in these photos are the other piles of stuff in and around the office space, and there were plenty of piles with plenty of stuff.  During the process of getting this pile under control, I also cleaned other surfaces, and actually found some real estate!

I added lots of names to the data base. I added a lot of images to the data base.  I scanned several thousand pages from books I wanted in that format.  I scanned lots of other stuff.  I surfed, I hunted, I had a genie overdose.  It has been great! Last week the piles were down to this small, really, it is small, pile.  I almost have this gone too.  I just might get it all filed away before we try to escape for the winter.  I only need a few more hours - - -

During this interlude we have enjoyed several family gatherings, good food, sharing, catching up.  We will enjoy Thanksgiving day with them as well.  Special times.

And, even though I am NOT a morning person, the dogs sometimes wake me just in time to capture a sunrise.  This one, this morning, not half bad.

* No, I have not abandoned the posts covering last year's fantastic tour, THE Trip, THE Encore, I will return to that, right now the office spaces and all that mess, err, good stuff, is high priority.  Hopefully in a week or so, I will leave a clean office space and we will be tooling down the hard road, headed for some place warm(er).


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John said...

Glad to hear that things are progressing as they should, even if it does put you a bit behind schedule. Indianapolis is waiting for you wave goodbye.

John & Donna.