Monday, June 13, 2016

The 4 Generation Photo:: 1948

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And, the cleaning, organizing, purging of the offices continue.

Cept for a small issue of the scanners being all messed up.  Athena the computer is pitching hissy fits.  And, so, is Carol.  Man has uninstalled and reinstalled software, and still Athena is not a happy lady.

That said, I have managed to scan a few things, here and there.  Today, I somehow managed to review, and scan a few photos out of an album so I can "stow" it away.

Today's find, a 4 generation photo I do not remember scanning before.

This was taken around the holiday season, late 1948.  From the left the adults are my father, Donald Eugene Bowen I, his grandmother, Lorena Estelle Eley Norworthy Dews Harlow Lenahan Collins, his mother, Florence Ruth Dews Bowen.  On Lorena's lap, is yours truly.  Lorena would die in February of 1949.

Cleaning, organizing and purging has benefits other than simple cleaning and reducing clutter.  Sometimes it is re-discovering a 4 generation photo.


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