Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekend Humble Pie, Sour, But Sweet

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I am not sure if I should be relieved, embarrassed or just laugh at me.

Last week I took my computer with me to son # 1's house.  I accessed his wifi, etc.

And, then, something weird happened.  My LastPass went a little ballastic and froze up.  Then, some passwords froze up.  Ya, stuff I sorta access a lot.  I tried not to panic, but, I was stressed.  Guilty as charged.

Back at home, I hooked everything back up to the home system, including my nice big monitor and, well, I have issues.

Still trying not to panic, I continue taking care of issues.  The password I think I used for LastPass, well, FAILED.

I froze up the system, they blocked me for 20 minutes, then, for mega hours.

Still trying not to panic, I keep on keeping on.

I start shuffling papers.  I remember a specific note pad had notes on it about LastPass.  I cannot find that stinking little note pad.

Cannot panic, but, my stress level is still increasing.

This has been going on for close to a week.  I still cannot find that note pad/sticky note.  I have been asking LastPass for one time hints, one time buried passwords, and was VERY close to just flinging my arms up and surrendering, aka, kill the account and start all over.  UGH

This morning, I did try again.  Just bizarre stuff, anyway, I abandoned the attempts again, and decided to scan something so I can transcribe it.

And, I bring up the scanner and in there is a image of the last thing I scanned.

I cannot believe it, but there is that stinking MIA note pad!  


In almost a state of shock, I go to LastPass and type in the password, and discover that I should not be using the "enter" or "return" key on the keyboard, but, use their "submit" button.

I'M IN!  

I may start breathing by the end of the day.

I cannot make this stuff up.  Life in the first world issues of computers and passwords.

No, I will not admit to being organized.  Cause when I think I may have a handle on it, I do something silly and prove to myself that humble pie tastes mighty sour.

However, victory over old age and computer techy stuff can be pretty sweet.

Laugh with me.  And, thank you.

*  Graphic with computer from clipartheaven.  Graphic of me in my purple dress (SNORT) from Hasslefreeclipart.

**  Post Script:  As life would have it, I found the note pad, stuck to the inside of the lid of the scanner.  Really.  I did.  That post it note sticky was just sticky enough.  Shaking my head, stifling snickers.


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