Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bitter Sweet Memories, The History of a Family Home

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Yesterday, four years to the day of Man's mother's passing, the family home was sold.

There is no doubt it was bitter sweet.  Man's parents purchased the home, brand spanking new, in 1952, four years later, we have this photo.  That is Man and his Mother on the front porch.

About five years later, Man's father built a detached garage, framing in place.

The finished garage, although, not sure there are windows??  Do love the clothes line in the foreground, don't you?

About 1970, photo from old slide.  Shutters gone, house had been painted white.  Seems Man's father liked to take photos of the house in the winter/snow.

About 1980, window and porch awnings have been added, new screen door, new siding, eagle on the peak.  Interesting, there is what looks like a step ladder on the ground, wonder if that was used for installation of the eagle?

Since 1980 new shrubbery was planted, and it too has grown large. New windows were installed, new doors.  The last photo, taken yesterday after the closing.  Our last drive by.

Man lived in this home from the time he was about 4 or 5 till he left for college.  We stayed there a few times for weeks and/or months when we were "between" homes, like when he was in boot camp, or traveling to Morocco.

We brought our first born son home to this house after his birth.  Man's mother gave him baths in the kitchen sink.  Awww.  (Note the platex bottle system in the background.)

We celebrated births, deaths, and a marriage or two at this home.  There are many memories, family visits, sad and happy.

This was Man's family home for well over 60 years.

Yesterday was bitter sweet.



Barbara Poole said...

Wonderful collection of photos, almost like, "Watching the House Grow." I know Man's mother was a collector of stuff, and I bet you're glad she saved these pictures. Really enjoyed this, Carol.

Jana Last said...

Bittersweet indeed. Wonderful photos Carol.

Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Genealogy Girl #2 said...

Enjoyed this a lot Carol, great picture timeline! Brings back many memories of where I grew up...and a need to write and document that wonderful home too! Thanks