Sunday, March 6, 2011

THE Trip, Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park, Yuma Arizona, The Cell Blocks

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Large sections of the Yuma Territorial Prison have been lost to progress, but, not all.  Portions of the buildings and grounds were lost to new development, such as railroad tracks.  Over the years other sections were dismantled to "recycle" the building supplies the abandoned facility could provide to the local citizens.

Cell block.
The beds were narrow.  Cells small.
The Dark Cell was used for punishment, and it was not one dark cell per prisoner, there could be several occupants at one time.  There were no facilities (toilets), very little light (if any), a very dark place indeed.

Door to the Dark Cell from the inside, substantial, heavy.
Looking into the Dark Cell.  

The top part was a guard tower, the bottom was a water reservoir,
the structure was originally just a platform to slow down
evaporation. Then a roof was added and it became a guard tower.
Let the statistics talk for themselves.  (click on the image for a larger view)

The Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park was an unusual museum, for sure, a glimpse into a dark side of humanity.


Dorene from Ohio said...

It looks like a very scary place! Great photos!

√Čire Historian said...


Beautiful shots of a very interesting place. The dark cell looks like an especially forbidding place. The list of crimes is fascinating, particularly Liquor to Indians, Polygamy, Adultery, Seduction, and Prize Fighting. Also, 30 women prisoners; I would never have imagined they would make up such a large percentage of the prison population. I'm just imagining the history behind those lists. Going to have to add this place to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this.

Cheers, Jennifer

Linda Gartz said...

Hi Carol,
I've caught up on several of your more recent posts, and I'm inspired to get out and do more traveling. Visiting a prison like this one with all the details gives us a glimpse into another part of life for so many. I wonder how many guilty ones got away, and how many got locked up on trumped up evidence! Those cells look really depressing.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Dead on arrival?? At a prison?? Yikes.

I notice on the Punishment sign a lot were transferred to Florence. Wonder if they're still there...don't be picking up any hitch hikers...just sayin..