Wednesday, October 16, 2013

San Fran From Atop the Golden Gate Bridge, Really!

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MOC friend Ken Brenk who lives near San Francisco.  Ken has been reading my posts on San Francisco.  He contacted me a few hours ago and said, I have a few photos I want to share with you.  I said, of course, send them on.  And, he did.  And, he told me the story behind them, and he gave me permission to share with you, and, I COULD NOT RESIST!!

Here is Ken's story:

Six years ago, I was fortunate to have an adventure of a life time… few have ever been able to take a ride to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge!

We waited in the toll plaza reception area for our tour, an engineer escorted us.

The trip up the tower is in a two person elevator….and that is generous…we were smashed in the shaft for a 10 minute trip to the top.  The engineer had to escort my friend and I one by one.  The tour can only be done during the lunch hour as workers are using the elevator during the day.  Do the math, two trips up, one down, then two trips down and one up didn't leave much time to enjoy the view.  It was short but unreal.

Here is a shot of a small part of the ladder that we had to climb from the elevator shaft to the platform.

OK, Ken, glad that was you and not Moi, that brings back those fears from that tram ride in Palm Springs a couple of years ago.

And, here is Ken (right) and his friend.  Them is pretty big grins there Ken!  This is looking north.  Hey, Ken, how did you manage NO sea mist??  Amazing.  What a fantastic view!

Here is a look southbound, It was so windy, the engineer didn't allow us on the west side of the tower.

I have to say this takes my breath away.  I could never go up there, but, I can look at this photo all day long!

Thanks Ken for sharing your remarkable photos with me and with my readers.

* Photos courtesy of Ken Brenk. Please do not borrow Ken's photos.  He was kind enough to share with us, don't rip him off!



Lynne Carothers said...


I knew it was possible to go up there but I've never seen pictures taken up there. How very special! I would do it in a minute!

Kathy Wait Myers said...

Wowza!! That's amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your experience, Ken!! Another thing to add to my bucket list!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Beautiful! But I gotta say, if I'd have gone up there. I'd probably still be there, frozen in fear.