Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Moaning, Economy Improving?

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As a volunteer and the gal that monitors the email account for our local genie club I have noted something interesting lately.

For the last several years (during some hard economic times) we received very few inquiries via the email account.  One year I did not field even 1 email a month.  Seriously.  I was somewhat surprised by that actually, as when times are hard, who would not be interested in a limited offer of free lookups??

Lately, and I am not sure why, we are receiving a good number of requests.   In the last 2 months, we are receiving 2 to 5 a week.  Quite the increase.

Is it a sign that economic times are better and that researchers now have some free time to think of things other than the next pay check??

Maybe our web presence is just better??  I did move our web pages last fall to a Weebly set up.

Not sure why, but, all of a sudden our email box is rather full.

*  Weebly is a web hosting site, free.  I use them for several sites, that is the endorsement.  They do not ask me to use their service, do not ask me to chat about them and don't give me anything to do so.  That's the disclaimer stuff.

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Joan said...

Although I would guess that all of the above play a part in the increased email inqueries, for me the most important is that person at the receiving end of the email. I really appreciate the quick, well thought-out response --- so, my friend, KUDOS to you.