Monday, July 12, 2010

My Queen's Crown is Feeling Tarnished Tonight

Among our errands today was a visit to the printer to look at the proof copy of Volume 7 of the Burial Records.  The printer is almost an hour from our home, a long ride, but, it is minutes from our kids and grandkids, so we try to combine trips, nothing like a good excuse to see them!  (Grin)

I am too tired to accurately describe, but, it seems I left a page out of the final PDF file.  Ooops.

As I aways do when I go for proof approval, I had my hard copy of the entire book and I had my computer, in case.

Turned out too be a good move today.  I corrected my error, corrected the printing instructions, burned both to a flash USB drive and took it to the desk.

Staff person was very patient with me, we fixed all the mess, cause when you mess up page 109 of 264, every page AFTER that has to be changed on the print directions and on the order on their computer.

OKKK, got it, right??  Well, nope.  I discovered another small  error, geeshhh.  This one only meant changing a few of the print directions. 

They should have the proof ready by 8 AM tomorrow.  So, in the next day or so, since Man and I have to go document hunting in a county near here, we will stop by the printer and I'll see if I can find more do-overs.  Can you hear my SIGHHHS of tired pain tonight?? Yeap, I'll bet you can.

So, tonight my crown is a bit tarnished, a tired Queen of Do-Overs.

However, don't think I am discouraged, cause I really am not, I am tired, but somewhere deep in my gut, I feel a rolling-on-the-floor-holding-my-sides huge case of giggles coming along any minute now.  It's that dark sense of humor.  Can you hear the giggles surfacing??  Yep, I know you can!

*That is supposed to be a tarnished crown, now, that I see it up close it is some wooden look.  Oh, well, just cause for more giggles tonight, I'll take a giggle where I can get it - - come join me - - giggle away - - soothes away the angst!  GIGGLE

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TennLady said...

Oh lord.

Linda McCauley said...

But you found the problem before it went to print - that should prevent any tarnish. :)

Terri said...

Oh my goodness.......

Terri said...

Now this is funny - when I hit "post comment" the verify word was - "UNFAIR" - how appropriate huh? LOL

Carol said...

Terri, you and the wordy verify of UNFAIR, just made my morning. Giggling away here, thank you soooooooooooo much!

lindalee said...

I think that writers must have a good sense of humor when it comes to the publishing process and way....your crown glistens.

hummer said...

I did not know you had a book in the works. How wonderful. Do we get to know when the first hot off the press happens?
You are such a special lady, how could you even think tarnished crown.
I think if it were me, I would have been sitting in the car in a fit of hysterical laughter after all that.

Kathy said...

Oh the giggles!! When they hit there is no stopping them!

Giggle on!