Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Google, Not All Improvements ARE Improvements

Google has an ??improvement?? to the uploading of photos on Blogger. 

Please, tell me there is a way to return to the previous version!  This new stuff is labourious, takes forever to load, horrible.

Why do I need to load all my Picasa Web Album photos for Reflections to upload a NEW photo from my hard drive??  I did not have to do this before, I was able to go directly to my hard drive, browse for the photo I needed, click upload and in a short time, I was adjusting said photo in my blog post.  Now I am uploading ALL my album photos and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Note:  I currently have 929 photos on my Reflections Album.

Dear Google:  This improvement is NOT an improvement!

Any one else having issues with this??  Any one have a solution??

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Mary said...

I could not agree more! I hate the 'new improvements'....when loading photos my computer freezes and I end up 'rebooting'...I also end up with several of some pictures in the 'album'. Last week I lost over half my pictures on my blog. I went back and re-uploaded them into the blog for this year (I changed it to a genealogy blog on 1-1-10). I am not going to redo the previous 2 years. It took many hours just to do 4 months worth. I HATE it. If you use the old draft form instead of 'Blogger in Draft''s much easier, I'm back to using it.

John said...

When you click on the Add Images you have three choices:

From Your Blog
From Picassa Web Albums
From a URL

Select "From Your Blog"

once you do that, click on the Upload button.
You can upload an image from your hard drive like the past.

John said...

(I agree that hiding the upload button in that category is a little non-intuitive though, because it's not in your blog yet.)

Carol said...

Yes, John, that is EXACTLY what I am doing, but it loads ALL my 929 photos from Picasa first, and, yes, then I can upload from my hard drive, but it takes FOREVER and FOREVER. So, for me, this is not an attractive method.

John said...

I would describe that as a serious bug - especially if it reloads every time. Maybe the reason it doesn't do that for me is all my Picasa web albums are the ones associated with blogs.

Carol said...

John, that is JUST Reflections Photos! I am a photo heavy blogger. I have the web albums, they do not load. Just the 929 photos from REFLECTIONS photo album.

Yes, it is loading ALL the photos from that album each time I start a new post. OHHHH, and, it does not seem to remember where on my hard drive I loaded the last photo from, as it used to, but, I'll hold that complaint for later too.

Ooooo, and the Comment function is not acting as it did in the past, but, that is not the focus of this complaint.

I believe I may have a work around, ugly and time consuming, but work arounds are the way I should have to do this.

Carol said...

Make that read, I have OTHER Picasa web albums, they do not load, just the REFLECTIONS album.

Typo alert! LOL

Carol said...

And, workarounds are NOT the way I should have to do this. OKKKK, too much multitasking here! LOL

John said...

I suggest that you mention your problem in Blogger Support

lindalee said...

WOW....what has happened while I have been away in Pittsburgh. I better write a blog and try to upload a photo. What a mess!!!!