Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Follow Up, Google, Not All Improvements ARE Improvements

Google has reversed the "improvement" and for now we are back to the old version of photo loading.

One thing that I saw that did appeal (the ole lemonade from lemons attitude) was the ability to choose another Picasa photo album.  For those of us that are heavy image bloggers when we end up with close to 1000 photos in the default album, it can get cumbersome.  (Yes, bloggers near and wide, you too have a Picasa album, Google has to have a storage area for those nice photos you want IN your posts, and that is where they go.)

If I had a wish list for the dudes and dudettes over at Google it would be:
  1. Allow me to easily choose another target album at Picasa for uploading of my photos, FROM my blogger, with the old and most desireable upload tool.  Choices should be made from the Settings page, or something like that.  If there is such a tool out there and I am missing it, PLEASE someone tell me where!
  2. Allow me to leave notes on GoogleSearch for those obnoxious Sploggers.  You took that away and they are most happy and splogging away!   Not fair, I cannot fight back!
Thanx Google for reversing that silly photo picker.  You do so much right, but this one in this format was not one of your right things.

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Joan said...

I want to strangle my google --- or blogger ---well maybe both. I could see the lemonade image on your blog, but several I looked at, I knew there were supposed to be images, but not visible to me. Others say they can see my images, but I certainly can not. YIKES!