Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Genie-Heart is Heavy and Sad

Please read the notice dated February 21, 2010, from the Michigan Genealogical Council web site.

Via a friend I hear that the morale at the Library is rather low.  I say no more, too sad for words.

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lindalee said...

This has been an issue for the state for over a year...right??? Very sad.

GrannyPam said...

We received/read a copy of the at the Oakland County Genealogical Society board meeting last week. There are really no words to describe how sad this is.

I do believe that Dr. Boles is an excellent person to speak on behalf of the MGS, and I will be praying for the best, as are many others in Michigan.

Karen said...

Sad day for both staff & the genealogical community of Michigan. Surely makes me rethink my support of a government who doesn't see the values of this great collection. Other states can make their libraries work for them financially why can't Michigan???

Dorene from Ohio said...

Such a sad and difficult situation!

Diane said...

It such a horrible situation. Once the collection is broken up it will be lost to Michigan forever. It would take oodles more money to try to put it back together after the current financial problem is resolved. I fear it will never happen. Just another reason for our youth to leave the state.