Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on saving the Library of Michigan

From Tom Koselka, Corresponding Secretary of the Michigan Genealogical Council. This is part of a long email forwarded to Moi and many others around the state, please read it carefully, please do what you can.

"We need to contact each and every legislator in the State Capitol. Several State Senators and Representatives have commented they were not aware the Library was in danger of being dismantled. Also, please copy the Governor on your correspondence.

There is a map showing parking lots and structures along with our walking route from the Capitol to the Library of Michigan on our website. A direct link to the map is:

If you have not seen it already, the July 19 Lansing State Journal featured a front-page article detailing the plans for the Michigan Historical Center building in which the Library now lives. There is a link on our website, or you may access it directly:

The following is our press release:

Our website is updated often, so check there for the latest updates

Michigan genealogist, speaker, and Library of Michigan advocate Shirley Gage Hodges wrote a compelling article for the Global Gazette, it may be found at

If we are going to save this priceless collection, we need to let our legislators know NOW! So please schedule an appointment, go to their local open house or office hour, make a phone call, write a letter, but make sure your voice is counted. Silence = Agreement."


TennLady said...

Where were the state reps when this was going down? On the space shuttle?

Carol said...

Some were very aware of this, and were working on it long before the executive order came down. Others, have no idea.