Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In hard times: Thanks to the Library of Michigan staff

One of the first things I heard this AM on the news is a report about Detroit metropolitan area being the worst in the nation in this economic disaster. No kidding??!!?? We have had the highest unemployment rate (state-wide) for several years. Highest foreclosure rate on homes was reported a number of times over the last several years. The bad news just keeps coming.

First thing I see when I get on the net this AM in my email, in fact, in email in two different email accounts is a report on the status of the Library of Michigan, hearings about the funding and possible closing of the Library. This possible closing includes a total dismantle of the Library with disposal/transfer of all the holdings to other institutions.

We have been getting updates on this situation for months now. Historians and family researchers are concerned. We have a great team in the Michigan Genealogical Council keeping tabs on this situation, suggesting actions for us to follow and fighting for maintaining the Library.

Suggest if you are concerned about this you look at the website,

In the meantime, as the battle to save our Library continues, I am going to push the copyright laws just a bit and include here an entire post found on Facebook Michigan Genealogy Group by Randy Riley, about hours reductions at the Library of Michigan and the savings these closings will affect. Thank you Randy, please forgive my copy and paste. I quote Randy, in full:

"The Library of Michigan will be closed six days this summer to accommodate unpaid furlough days for state employees. Unpaid furlough days will save the state almost $22 million and help balance the budget. All areas of the Library will be closed on scheduled furlough days. The dates are:
Friday, June 19
Monday, July 6
Friday, July 24
Friday, Aug. 7
Friday, Aug. 21 and
Friday, September 4
Hopefully, these closings will not negatively impact anyone's research trip plans. We are "open for business" throughout the summer and encourage everyone to visit and explore our extensive collections."

We have to know that unpaid days are not the ideal for the employees, it has to be a hardship, we thank the staff, that willingly or unwillingly are making this sacrifice.

Library of Michigan has great staff members, very helpful when you are there researching, knowledgeable, and, by the way, nice people too.


*Please help to save our Library, if you would like to read some of the email I reference above, let me know.

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Diane Oslund said...

I agree. The staff at the Library of Michigan is the greatest. They are always there, willing to help, know their stuff. This is a great library and staff and we need to fight to keep it open and the staff employed. If closing a few days over the summer will make a big help, I say go for it. Doesn't mean I like it. But heck it's better then closing the doors every day. And that is something that is being discussed.